Must This Swab Go That Far Up Your Nose to Test for Covid?

Sumary of Must This Swab Go That Far Up Your Nose to Test for Covid?:

  • While many people have no complaints about their experience, for some, the swab test — a vital tool in the global battle against the coronavirus — engenders visceral dislike, severe squirming or buckled knees.
  • “It felt like someone was going right into the reset button of my brain to switch something over,” Paul Chin, a music producer and DJ in Toronto, said of his nasal swab test.
  • ”Since the coronavirus emerged, millions of swabs have been stuck into millions of noses to test for a pernicious virus that has killed millions across the planet.
  • The imperative has been to use a test that people are willing to take repeatedly.
  • In some parts of the United States, health workers hand people the swab to test themselves, assuring a level of personal comfort.
  • It is one of the places where the coronavirus actively replicates, and it is where you are likely to get a good sample of the virus.
  • Wariness about the test may arise from a simple fact: Most people can’t stand having something shoved so far up their nose.
  • “People aren’t used to feeling that part of their body,” Dr. Noah Kojima, a resident physician at the University of California, Los Angeles and an expert in infectious diseases, said about swabs touching the nasopharynx.

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