‘My dream was buried’: the children of India orphaned by Covid


Sumary of ‘My dream was buried’: the children of India orphaned by Covid:

  • With Covid stigma rife in the local community, no neighbours or relatives came forward to help the orphaned children perform her last rites..
  • Instead, Kumar, 16-year-old Soni Kumari and 12-year-old Chandani Kumari found themselves orphans, having to handle the corpse of their mother alone..
  • There was barely a family in India left untouched by the virus, and with Covid hitting adults much worse than children, it has resulted in thousands becoming orphans in the past few weeks..
  • According to a report of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), at least 1,742 children have lost both their parents to Covid, while 7,464 have lost one parent..
  • In another case that horrified the country, six-year-old twins Tripti and Pari were found lying asleep next to their mother who had died of Covid, unaware she was dead..
  • Officials and NGOs have spoken of their concern that these children left without parents now face the double threat of neglect and being vulnerable to exploitation and human trafficking..
  • Especially the children from poor, low caste communities have the maximum chances of falling into traffickers’ trap,”.
  • said Suresh Kumar, a member of Human Liberty Network, a group of non-profit organizations working to stop child trafficking….

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