New Brunswick health officials point to ‘superspreaders’ as the source of new cases in Saint Joh …

New Brunswick health officials point to ‘superspreaders’ as the source of new cases in Saint John

New Brunswick’s top doctor pointed to superspreaders as the reason behind the climbing coronavirus case numbers in Saint John.

“The contact tracing has revealed that some of this spread is happening in areas, number one, where there is a superspreader event and there are some superspreaders involved in some of the cases,” said Dr. Jennifer Russell, New Brunswick chief medical officer of health, at a press conference on Friday.

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Dr. Jennifer Russell says contact tracing in Saint John revealed a “superspreader event” and that there are “some superspreaders involved in some of the cases.”


— Global New Brunswick (@Global_NB) November 20, 2020

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She didn’t provide more details on the event that she has deemed a superspreader event but said that cases have doubled in Saint John over the past two days.

Seven new coronavirus cases were reported in Saint John on Friday and the province moved the Saint John area to the orange phase of its coronavirus recovery plan.

New Brunswick doesn’t define superspreader but health officials say it is when one or more persons causes many others to get sick.

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