New computer software can help track and analyze pandemics before they spread

Sumary of New computer software can help track and analyze pandemics before they spread:

  • Researchers at Georgia State University have created lightning-fast computer software that can help nations track and analyze pandemics, like the one caused by COVID-19, before they spread like wildfire around the globe.
  • The group of computer science and mathematics researchers says its new software is several orders of magnitude faster than existing computer programs and can process more than 200,000 novel virus genomes in less than two hours.
  • The software then builds a clear visual tree of the strains and where they are spreading.
  • “The future of infectious outbreaks will no doubt be heavily data driven,” said Alexander Zelikovsky, a Georgia State computer science professor who worked on the project.
  • The new software was co-created with Pavel Skums, assistant professor of computer science, Mark Grinshpon, principal senior lecturer of mathematics and statistics, Daniel Novikov, a computer science Ph.
  • Zelikovsky, Skums and their colleagues analyzed more than 300,000 different GISAID strains for their new work.
  • ” Alexander Zelikovsky, Georgia State computer science professor Zelikovsky said that this astounding amount of data allows scientists to see the evolution of the virus in action in real time -;
  • Scientists thought the virus had first arrived on our shores in the state of Washington in February.

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