New texting tool helps Ontarians find nearby COVID-19 vaccination sites


Sumary of New texting tool helps Ontarians find nearby COVID-19 vaccination sites:

  • After seeing a tweet showcasing a new tool in the United States that allows residents to find nearby COVID-19 vaccination sites with just one text, Zain Manji thought Ontario should have something similar..
  • “I’m an engineer at heart so the first thing I thought about was like, ‘Is it possible for me to build and how easy would it be to build and could I get started right now?’ And that basically what happened,”.
  • Try texting +1 (833) 356-1683 with your postal code, you’ll get an instant reply with nearby vaccination sites 💉 Manji and his friend Ashish quickly got to work and after purchasing a phone number and completing some coding, in about two or three hours a texting line was live..
  • “Very simply, how it works is someone texts the postal code, we look at the first three digits of their postal code [and] we then cross-list it with all the COVID vaccination [sites] that are listed on the Ontario website and based on your postal code and the proximity to the ones that are listed on the website, we show you two to three locations that are closest to you,”.
  • All Ontario education workers to be eligible for COVID-19 vaccine as early as next week Manji said he hopes the tool will help clear up some confusion during the ongoing vaccination rollout..
  • “The [Ontario government ] COVID website is a good source, but not that many people know to go there, so this is just hopefully another tool that people can use to be aware of the options that are open to them,”…

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