Nicki Minaj Claims Covid-19 Vaccines May Cause Testicles To Swell, Impotence

nicki minaj claims covid 19 vaccines may cause testicles to swell impotence

Sumary of Nicki Minaj Claims Covid-19 Vaccines May Cause Testicles To Swell, Impotence:

  • Trinidadian-US rapper Nicki Minaj tweeted a claim about her cousin’s friend’s testicles.
  • But was her assertion actually on the ball or did it actually lack hard evidence?
  • These include other types of trauma, various infections, fluid accumulation, hernias, abnormally enlarged veins, and testicular cancer.
  • One partially told story not verified by medical experts does not constitute real scientific evidence.
  • Meanwhile, as I covered for Forbes in May, there has been official impotent medical reports of erectile dysfunction from Covid-19. Yes, there’s been groin evidence that the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) can go to your testicles.
  • S., a Professor of Pathology at the MD Anderson Cancer Center tweeted the following: So your risk of having testicular problems may be much greater from Covid-19 than from a vaccine that can protect you from Covid-19. Remember, Minaj is a rapper, singer, and songwriter.
  • If you search PubMed for “Nicki Minaj,” you get back only one publication entitled, “Plastic Surgery and Music: Examining Plastic Surgery References in Hit Songs,” and it was not written by her.

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