‘No one is safe’: Dire new COVID threat


Sumary of ‘No one is safe’: Dire new COVID threat:

  • After several months of illness, death, economic destruction and societal upheaval, the promise of herd immunity via inoculations surely meant life was slowly returning to normal..
  • The alarming outlook, penned by academics from University College London, Columbia University, Barcelona Institute for Global Health, Monash University, University of Auckland, McMaster University and the CAPRISA in South Africa, matches with a disturbing trend..
  • Genetic mutations of viruses occur pretty frequently but they’re only deemed to be ‘of concern’ if they are more infectious than the original, cause more severe illness or are deadlier, or can reinfect..
  • Worse still, those mutations and others that follow could see vaccines rendered powerless to stop the spread and health consequences of COVID..
  • The UK strain decimated Britain and is now tearing across Europe, seeing cases and deaths soar and undermining public health efforts..
  • Dr Peter Hotez, the dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine told CNN overnight..
  • An initial characteristic of COVID-19 was that it didn’t seem to adversely impact young and healthy people who contracted it…

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