No quick solution for Mindoro power crisis

no quick solution for mindoro power crisis

Sumary of No quick solution for Mindoro power crisis:

  • Rotational brownouts in Occidental Mindoro could have easily been avoided had Occidental Mindoro Electric Cooperative (Omeco) procured enough power supply and properly projected the demand of its consumers.
  • This was the assessment of Commissioner Floresinda Baldo-Digal of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) in an interview with The Manila Times.
  • “There shouldn’t be a brownout if you have the right contract for the supply you need,” Digal said.
  • “Maybe this electric coop has contracted less or not enough.
  • ” Based on ERC regulation, before a generator could supply for a distribution utility or electric cooperative like Omeco, it will have to undergo a Competitive Selection Process (CSP).
  • “The Occidental Mindoro Electric Cooperative because as early as 2018 they were directed to conduct CSP or procurement of their supply, because the new regulation now before a generator supplies to a distribution utility or electric cooperative it will go through the CSP.
  • “As early as 2019, we warn them that ‘your failure to conduct the CSP, is a violation of your duty to provide your consumers with steady supply or continuous supply of reasonably priced electricity.
  • ” On June 11, Omeco received a Certificate of Exemption from the Department of Energy on the conduct of CSP for the procurement of an Emergency Power Supply Agreement (EPSA) with Occidental Mindoro Consolidated Power Corporation (OMCPC) for a cooperation period from June 26 to Dec.
  • 31, 2021.Omeco opened its regular CSP for the procurement of power supply for the mainland of Occidental Mindoro on July 16 and the signing of the winning bidder is expected on Aug.
  • 1, 2022. “The CSP process may take a long time but what needs to start first for it to really happen, because an emergency can’t happen every six months every one year, ” Digal said.

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