Non-meat eaters have lower chances of getting infected by Covid-19: Study


Sumary of Non-meat eaters have lower chances of getting infected by Covid-19: Study:

  • The following is a roundup of some of the latest scientific studies on the novel coronavirus and efforts to find treatments and vaccines for Covid-19, the illness caused by the virus..
  • Covid-19 severity linked with diet People on meat-free diets had lower odds of contracting moderate to severe Covid-19, according to a six-country study published on Monday in BMJ Nutrition, Prevention &.
  • Plant-based diets were tied to a 73% lower risk of severe disease, researchers found in a survey of 2,884 healthcare providers who cared for Covid-19 patients..
  • The study cannot prove that specific diets protected against severe Covid-19, and diet did not appear to lower the risk of becoming infected..
  • ITP is a treatable condition of low platelet count and has not caused any deaths among the 1.7 million recipients of the vaccine in the study, the authors reported on Wednesday in Nature Medicine..
  • Aspirin does not help hospitalised Covid-19 patients Aspirin did not improve survival or reduce disease severity in a study of nearly 15,000 patients hospitalized with Covid-19..
  • Researchers had hoped that because aspirin helps reduce blood clots in other diseases, it might be helpful in Covid-19 patients who are at a higher risk for clotting issues..
  • Patients randomly assigned to receive 150 milligrams of aspirin once a day did have fewer blood clots, but no lower risk of becoming sicker and requiring mechanical ventilation or better odds of being alive after 28 days….

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