not required debate on vaccine superiority

Sumary of Not required debate on vaccine superiority:

  • Around this time last year, people all around the world were anxiously waiting for the Covid-19 vaccine.
  • The media was flooded with anticipatory news, updating us about the vaccines undergoing clinical trials in different countries, so much so that we all became clinical trial experts — well oriented about the stages of vaccine research.
  • We would discuss which vaccine would be available first and so on so forth.
  • Not one or two, but more than half a dozen Covid-19 vaccines are now available in the world and more are in the pipeline.
  • The vaccine scenario has transformed and so has the challenge.
  • The challenge now is to ensure equal rights to vaccine for all global citizens.
  • Rich and powerful countries have not only ensured more than enough vaccines for their people, they are also using jabs to expand their global influence.
  • We started early and, despite a hiccup, have been doing well, considering we are one of the handful of countries in the world to embark on mass Covid-19 inoculation programmes without domestic vaccine production.

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