NSW parents shocked by school invite to webinar to ‘choose not to take’ Covid vaccine


Sumary of NSW parents shocked by school invite to webinar to ‘choose not to take’ Covid vaccine:

  • “a world renown [sic] Marcobiology [sic] Consultant who is a personal friend of mine … is giving important seminars via Zoom from Stockholm”..
  • Another parent said he was “angry that an educational establishment is spreading dangerous misinformation”..
  • A professor of viral immunology at Murdoch University, Cassandra Berry, said while it was always a good idea to strengthen the immune system through a healthy diet, there was no stronger way to boost the immune system to protect against Covid-19 than getting vaccinated..
  • “We are all immune-naive to this coronavirus, which means we’ve never been exposed to it before and we don’t have any immune memory to that particular specific virus,”.
  • Healthy people with seemingly strong immune systems could also become severely unwell, or spread the virus to vulnerable people, she said..
  • She said any effects of vaccination such as a sore arm or fever was not a sign of a weak immune system but a sign that the immune system was working and responding as it should..
  • “In hindsight, I hope they realise they should stick to sharing government and other official health websites,”…

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