Ontario long-term care report shows lessons from COVID-19 pandemic can’t be forgotten: experts


Sumary of Ontario long-term care report shows lessons from COVID-19 pandemic can’t be forgotten: experts:

  • Public health experts called for urgent action on Saturday in the wake of a devastating assessment of Ontario long-term care sector, saying they hope the province learns and retains key lessons from its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic..
  • Their reflections came hours after an independent commission released a scathing report on Ontario pandemic response in long-term care homes, where the bulk of virus-related deaths took place during the pandemic first wave..
  • Ontario long-term care commission says nursing homes were neglected, sector needs reform Dr. Naheed Dosani, a palliative care physician and health justice activist in Toronto, said those numbers don’t reflect “the immense distress and grief”.
  • “This report does give some insight into how we got here, (but) it does not represent justice to the full extent..
  • Friday night report to the Ontario government said the province long-term care sector needs sweeping reforms to protect its vulnerable residents..
  • A Toronto nursing home left isolation rooms empty as COVID-19 spread on crowded floors, killing 81 The commission, led by Ontario Superior Court Associate Chief Justice Frank Marrocco, noted that poor facility design and resident overcrowding heightened sickness and death in nursing homes, while a severe staffing shortage and a workforce poorly trained in infection control measures compounded the situation..
  • Donna Duncan, the CEO of the Ontario Long Term Care Association, said the province can’t “honour the memory of the people who’ve died”.
  • “Staff were crying before, during and after work, vomiting in locker-rooms from stress and watching residents they love dying in great numbers,”.
  • Merrilee Fullerton, Ontario minister of long-term care, issued a statement late Friday night promising to work towards a “safe and modern”…

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