Palau beats world with 99 per cent jabs

palau beats world with 99 per cent jabs

Sumary of Palau beats world with 99 per cent jabs:

  • The tiny Pacific nation of Palau has the world’s highest percentage of people vaccinated against COVID-19, the Red Cross says, urging the country’s laggard neighbours to follow its example and step up incoluation efforts.
  • That puts Palau, an archipelago of 500 islands in the western Pacific Ocean, in the “top spot”, the IFRC said in a statement, ahead of countries like Portugal which was named one of the world’s most vaccinated countries when 80 per cent of its 10 million people were fully immunised last month.
  • The urgency of increasing vaccination rates in the region was increased by the coming Pacific cyclone season, which could cause more damage to livelihoods already impacted by the pandemic, the IFRC said.
  • Palau was not alone among the Pacific nations that are leading the world in vaccination rates, on a per capita basis.

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