Paraguayan lab files for emergency registration of Merck’s C19 pill

paraguayan lab files for emergency registration of mercks c19 pill

Sumary of Paraguayan lab files for emergency registration of Merck’s C19 pill:

  • The Health Ministry official also explained no request had been received from the original developers of the medicine, but only “from a national” manufacturer requiring “an emergency registration.
  • Health Minister Julio Borba admitted data on Molnupiravir had been first received almost two weeks ago, after which it was sent to Dinavisa for a more thorough report for a final ruling.
  • Getting Molnupiravir on the drug list depends on a number of factors, Borba explained.
  • A decision could be reached as early as this week, the minister pointed out.
  • Molnupiravir will begin to be administered to Covid patients in the United Kingdom shortly.
  • Doctor Carmelo Doldán, a specialist cobsulted by the Asunción daily Última Hora, explained that the antiviral is very similar to Oseltamivir, a drug used to treat influenza.

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