Peru elections loser cries fraud


Sumary of Peru elections loser cries fraud:

  • With 99 percent of votes cast in Sunday’s presidential poll counted, rural school teacher and union leader Castillo retained a tiny lead of 50.2 percent over Fujimori’s 49.7 percent..
  • Late Wednesday, Fujimori asked the National Electoral Tribunal to annul the results of 802 polling stations, the equivalent of 200,000 votes..
  • Supporters of the Peruvian left-wing presidential candidate for Peru Libre party, Pedro Castillo, protest in front of the National Jury of Elections building in Lima, on June 09, 2021..
  • With over 98 percent of votes cast in Sunday’s presidential poll counted by Wednesday morning, Castillo retained a leading score of 50.2 percent over rightwing populist rival Keiko Fujimori’s 49.7 percent..
  • Fujimori, the daughter of jailed former president Alberto Fujimori, led in early counting but Castillo slowly gained ground….

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