Pfizer, Moderna, plan to ship 135M doses of covid vaccine in 5 weeks


Pfizer and Moderna will deliver at least another 135 million doses of coronavirus vaccines over the next five weeks, the firms will lawmakers on Tuesday. 

The two companies have considerably ramped up their production of vaccine doses and found solutions to previous manufacturing issues that caused bottlenecks in production.  

To date, Pfizer has delivered about 40 million doses to the US, and Moderna has delivered 45 million, executives for each firm said in prepared testimony for the House Committee on Energy & Commerce. 

CDC’s vaccine tracker says it has received a total of 75 million doses from the two companies, leaving the remainder to be shipped by the end of March between 135 and 145 million doses from the two companies.  

Together, Pfizer and Moderna are contracted to deliver 600 million doses of their shots to the US by the end of July, and they’ve pledged to have 220 million ready by the end of March. 

Moderna says it will increase weekly shipments to the US to 40 million a week by the end of April. Pfizer said it would increase shipments from four to five million to 13 million a week ‘over the coming weeks…

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