Pfizer seeks US emergency authorization for COVID-19 pill

Sumary of Pfizer seeks US emergency authorization for COVID-19 pill:

  • Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla said Tuesday that the pharmaceutical giant was seeking expedited authorization from the US Food and Drug Administraton (FDA) for its newly developed pill to fight COVID-19. The company said that the pill had been shown to reduce hospitalizations and deaths by 89% amongst newly-infected high risk patients.
  • “We are moving as quickly as possible in our effort to get this potential treatment into the hands of patients.
  • ” Pfizer is seeking what is known as an emergency use authorization (EUA) on the basis of initial results from a clinical trial comprising hundreds of COVID-19 patients who were not hospitalized but considered at high risk of progression to severe disease.
  • Pfizer said that its pill, which is called Paxlovid, led to side effects in one out of five patients, but that they were mild.

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