Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Just Got An Automation Boost From IoT


CEO of Phizzle, Ben Davis.


One of the trends that has emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic is the onshoring of U.S. pharmaceutical manufacturing. As more companies focus on manufacturing in the U.S., they face stringent requirements from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to meet cleanroom compliance, such as monitoring the particles in the air. 

To help pharmaceutical manufacturers with cleanroom compliance, Phizzle has introduced the EDGMaker digital air series, which is the first internet of things (IoT) solution to operate multi-vendor particle counters remotely. 

The Growth of Onshoring and Meeting FDA Compliance Standards 

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to recognize the dangers of offshoring all of their pharmaceutical manufacturing during a crisis. Onshoring, the opposite of offshoring, focuses on relocating processes back inside national borders to reduce the risks associated with outsourcing, such as supply shortages, disruptions in supply chains, work interruptions, and importing problems.    

As more companies focus on manufacturing pharmaceuticals like COVID-19 vaccines and other drugs in the U.S., the growth of onshoring brings its own challenges…

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