Photo: ‘Sure to Get Laughs’: Company Sells Window Stickers of NY Governor Watching You This Holi …

photo sure to get laughs company sells window stickers of ny governor watching you this holiday

Sumary of Photo: ‘Sure to Get Laughs’: Company Sells Window Stickers of NY Governor Watching You This Holiday:

  • Custom716, a design firm based in Upstate New York’s Buffalo, is selling stickers of Cuomo face that can be put on a window to make it appear as though the governor is peering inside one’s home, the New York Post reported..
  • The item is presumably a reference to the governor repeatedly highlighting COVID-19 safety measures and asking his constituents to ensure there are no large gatherings for the holidays..
  • Cuomo has been pleading with New Yorkers to spend Thanksgiving with those already in their households, warning that the spread of the novel coronavirus has increased in part thanks to small, indoor gatherings in recent months as the weather has grown cooler..
  • “It your family, it your home, it your table — these are all environments where you feel safe, and that the beauty of Thanksgiving,”.
  • The sticker is viewed to be a clear way of poking fun at Cuomo for demanding that New York families avoid gathering in large groups during the holiday season..
  • Custom 716 The Andrew Cuomo Thanksgiving window sticker “$10 and I will mail it to you for free, or pick up is available….

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