Pilot in deadly California crash repeatedly warned to climb

pilot in deadly california crash repeatedly warned to climb

Sumary of Pilot in deadly California crash repeatedly warned to climb:

  • THE AIR traffic controller repeated the warnings to the pilot more than a half-dozen times.
  • An elderly couple suffered burns when their home went up in flames.
  • On a recording made by LiveATC, a website that monitors and posts flight communications, an air traffic controller repeatedly warns Das that he needs to climb in altitude.
  • } The controller later is heard saying, “It looks like you’re drifting right of course, are you correcting?
  • The controller says “I need you to fly,” warning him that he is coming in too low.
  • The controller urges him to climb again, and Das says he is ascending.
  • I need to make sure you are climbing, not descending,” the controller says.
  • “The controller repeatedly urged the plane to climb to 5,000 feet (1,524 meters), and when it remained at 1,500 feet (457 meters), the controller warned: “You appear to be descending again, sir.

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