Plant-based diet may lower risk of severe COVID-19, study claims


Sumary of Plant-based diet may lower risk of severe COVID-19, study claims:

  • Researchers have revealed a link between diet and COVID-19 which showed plant-based eaters were 73% less likely to come down with the virus compared to those who include animals in their diet..
  • Among those cases, 138 said they suffered moderate to severe symptoms, while the remaining 430 experienced mild effects of the respiratory illness..
  • diet, keto diet, Mediterranean diet, Paleolithic diet, low fat diet, low carbohydrate diet and high protein diet, all of which include red and white meats, plus plant-based/vegan diet, vegetarian diet, and pescatarian diet, which omit red and white meats..
  • Of those who had reported illness, only 41 had claimed to be on a plant-based diet while another 46 were pescatarian..
  • It is unclear why seafood and plant-based eaters have potentially fared better during the pandemic as “limited”…

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