Polypropylene, the material now recommended for COVID-19 mask filters: What it is, where to get it

polypropylene the material now recommended for covid 19 mask filters what it is where to get it scaled

Sumary of Polypropylene, the material now recommended for COVID-19 mask filters: What it is, where to get it:

  • Non-woven polypropylene fabric is the material of choice for this third layer, but many people may not know what this material is, or where to get it..
  • We support the public health recommendation, and specifically recommend the use of industry-grade “spunbond”.
  • It is washable and will not divert supply of medical-grade polypropylene from the manufacture of formal personal protective equipment..
  • A pleated cloth mask with the bottom seam opened and a rectangle of washable industry-grade spunbond polypropylene inserted as a filter..
  • Types of non-woven polypropylene Traditional materials for clothing and furniture have a woven or knitted structure..
  • The regular pattern of tiny point welds can be seen in this sample of washable, industry-grade white spunbond polypropylene..
  • (Mark Diamond/Veratex Lining Ltd.) In some spunbond polypropylene the randomly oriented fibres are compressed and melted together in a pattern of small, closely spaced welds, called point bonds..
  • Lightweight medical-grade spunbond polypropylene, found in the outer layers of three-layer certified medical masks, has been tailored for medical uses..
  • Recommended material A three-layer pleated mask using cotton outer layers and a fully-integrated middle layer of 68 gsm (two ounces per square yard) polypropylene..
  • Alternatively, a rectangle of spunbond polypropylene can be inserted between the two outer layers of a cloth mask..
  • If using two layers of polypropylene, we suggest folding the material in half and sewing it together with a simple stitch or an overlock, to make a washable filter..
  • (Jonathan Clase) Meltblown polypropylene is used as the middle layer of many certified medical masks and in the manufacture of respirators such as N95s:…

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