‘Poorly thought through’: frustration over England’s care home visit rules


Sumary of ‘Poorly thought through’: frustration over England’s care home visit rules:

  • While the policy offers a long-awaited easing of visiting restrictions, some families have said it does not go far enough..
  • Three people whose loved ones live in care homes speak about how the change in policy will affect their family..
  • Jayne Maddison/Guardian Community While Maddison said she “cannot praise the care home enough”, the lockdown has been difficult for Cath..
  • Her South Yorkshire care home had a Covid outbreak, with Cath contracting the disease and losing two close friends to the virus..
  • ‘Mum would much prefer to have taken the risk right the way through’ For others, the policy poses difficult questions over which family members can take the two designated visitor spots..
  • Geoff Pringle, 65, has three siblings and all four are close to their 94-year-old mother, who lives in a care home in south-west England..
  • While the siblings are close and have worked through it together, the decision on who can visit their mother has not been easy..
  • There is also frustration that despite their mother having survived coronavirus and being fully vaccinated, and the siblings having had at least one dose, visits still are not possible for all of them..
  • ‘She just wants to have a weekly trip in my car to look at the sea’ Dr Christine Brown mother, Elfie, before the pandemic and her stroke, by the sea in Cornwall…

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