Professional development through collaborative learning sessions


Sumary of Professional development through collaborative learning sessions:

  • The continuous learning and professional development of teachers has been part of the Department of Education’s (DepEd) advocacy in upgrading and upskilling mentor capabilities..
  • In order to attain quality education for learners, teachers are expected to be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge relevant to their subjects and lessons..
  • has brought forth the DepEd to undertake steps to address the need to improve the continuous professional development of teachers..
  • Alongside is the policy in Learning Action Cell (LAC) as the K to 12 Basic Education Program School-Based Continuing Professional Development Strategy for the improvement of teaching and learning..
  • Collaboration with other teachers provide a healthy culture of continuous improvement in the sharing of practice, learning and best practices..
  • FLICKR IMAGE In addition, consistent with the objectives of the School Based Management (SBM), is the improvement of teaching and learning process where the LAC provides support in the identification of priority areas..
  • Interventions are discussed during the LAC sessions, which are being adopted as measures to address gaps and challenges..
  • LAC is an avenue to discuss relevant matters pertaining to students’ progress, sharing of experiences and best practices, materials proven to be effective in the delivery of instruction and planning to devise productive outcomes in teaching….

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