Qld could soon ease NSW border controls

qld could soon ease nsw border controls

Sumary of Qld could soon ease NSW border controls:

  • Queensland will soon make a decision on easing road border controls, with the NSW government set to lift lockdown in the regions.
  • One hour before the NSW government announced regional lockdown would lift from Saturday, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said she was ready make a decision on easing border restrictions.
  • “The Queensland government has paused an exemption allowing locals to cross the border to work, go to school or university, obtain healthcare or to provide care for 48 days.
  • Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young said she would assess the border based on the NSW lockdown decision.
  • She said border closures had always been in place in line with the NSW government’s own COVID-19 restrictions.
  • “The reason I was concerned about all of those scenes (protests) that were going on in Tweed is NSW thought the issue was so serious that they asked everyone who lived in Tweed to stay at home,” Dr Young said.
  • “The border bubble set up earlier in the year allowed the residents of 16 local government areas in regional NSW to travel to Queensland for essential purposes.

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