Reading council seeks closure of quarantine hotel after Covid outbreak


Sumary of Reading council seeks closure of quarantine hotel after Covid outbreak:

  • A council is threatening to shut down one of the government quarantine hotels for foreign travellers over fears that infection control failures led to a Covid outbreak among guests spreading to the local community..
  • The hotel has had an outbreak of 44 cases among staff and residents, and the council has demanded it close after three people in the community contracted the virus after coming into contact with infected staff..
  • The government is resisting the demand, prompting the council to explore its powers under health protection laws..
  • “We will look at all the options available – we have a public health duty of care to the guests in the hotel as well as our residents.”.
  • He said he wanted to avoid using enforcement powers and appealed to the DHSC to work constructively with the council to tackle the outbreak..
  • Brock said the council chief executive privately wrote to the DHSC at the end of last month stressing the seriousness of the concerns when evidence first emerged that the hotel outbreak had spread to the community..
  • He said the DHSC declined to address failures in health protocols identified by council inspectors, and when the council went public with its call to close the hotel on Wednesday, this was also ignored..
  • David Earp, 62, one of about 300 people quarantined in the hotel, is backing the council attempt to shut it down….

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