Rebellious MPs Demand ‘Cost-Benefit Analysis’ of Johnson’s Proposed Three-Tier COV …

Rebellious MPs Demand 'Cost-Benefit Analysis' of Johnson's Proposed Three-Tier COVID Restrictions

A major backbench rebellion is reportedly brewing over Boris Johnson’s plans to reintroduce the tiered lockdown system, writes the Daily Mail.

The UK Prime Minister is gearing up to lay out his proposal for a return to the three-level system, but with more areas facing the highest – Tier 3 – designation, than before, writes the outlet.

The final decision for which areas go into which tiers will be taken on Thursday.

However, MPs in the COVID Recovery Group, chaired by former chief whip Mark Harper, wrote to Johnson to demand that Parliament receive a full ‘cost-benefit analysis’ of the system first.

NEW: The 70 Conservative MPs in the Covid Recovery Group have written to the PM saying they will rebel over returning to a tiered system of regional restrictions unless it’s proven that they “will save more lives than they cost.”

They are demanding a cost-benefit analysis.

— Paul Brand (@PaulBrandITV) November 22, 2020

The MPs cite concerns that the measures being considered may have a lasting detrimental effect on the economy, which is already struggling from the effects of the health crisis, as well as on people with the long-term health problems.

The letter by the group, also led by High Wycombe MP Steve Baker, says:

“There is no doubt that Covid is a deadly disease to many and it is vital that we control its spread effectively. But we must give equal regard to other lethal killers like cancer, dementia and heart disease, to people’s mental health, and all the health implications of poverty and a falling GDP.”…

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