Renters edge towards cliff as Australia halts evictions bans and welfare support


Sumary of Renters edge towards cliff as Australia halts evictions bans and welfare support:

  • Then, when state governments did come to the party on that, for assurances those protections wouldn’t be torn away too quickly..
  • “And that the combination of the protections expiring, the state of the rental market, particularly in regional areas, and of course, the cuts to income support from the federal government.”.
  • Most states ended their bans on evictions last month – about the same time the government jobkeeper wage subsidy and boosted jobseeker payments also came to an end..
  • Not only can owners apply to have people evicted for rental arrears again, landlords can increase rents once more..
  • Dignam group estimated in November between 5% to 15% of tenants Australia-wide may have been in rental debt, which would equate to 324,000 to 973,000 people..
  • “There was this concern about rental debt, but while that going on, probably the unanticipated issue to some extent was how significant the protections against renting increases were,”.
  • “Now that those protections aren’t in place, a lot of people who may not have rental debt, who can’t be evicted for that, are getting increases that are really stressing the budget or basically forcing them to look somewhere else.”.
  • People who accrued rental debts between April 2020 and March 2021 cannot be evicted for arrears unless landlords have agreed to negotiate a “fair and reasonable”.
  • “People who were on jobseeker or jobkeeper, who are maybe falling into rental debt for the first time since 26 March, they’re not covered,”.
  • Government points out that each state civil and administrative tribunal will still need to determine whether eviction is reasonable and proportionate, but advocates are concerned..
  • This week, Anglicare annual rental affordability snapshot found that of more than 74,000 rental listings surveyed, only three – all sharehouses – were affordable for a person on the jobseeker payment….

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