Research Looks at How COVID-19 Changed Dental Students’ Career Paths

research looks at how covid 19 changed dental students career paths

Sumary of Research Looks at How COVID-19 Changed Dental Students’ Career Paths:

  • As dental professionals, our protocols have changed in dealing with the crisis.
  • Dental students had to take a break with the rest of us, and when we went back to work and learned the new regulations, many of these students were still at home, either on a forced break or learning online.
  • COVID-19 and Dental and Dental Hygiene Students’ Career Plans addressed the current climate around dental students to determine if COVID-19 has disrupted anyone’s career trajectory and educational decisions.
  • Have you thought about changing careers or bettering your education to put yourself in a safer environment?
  • The majority of dental hygiene students have always reported that they entered into their careers because they wanted to help people.

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