Sanford Health CEO Refuses To Wear Face Masks After Having Covid-19 Coronavirus

sanford health ceo refuses to wear face masks after having covid 19 coronavirus

Sumary of Sanford Health CEO Refuses To Wear Face Masks After Having Covid-19 Coronavirus:

  • (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images) Getty Images Kelby Krabbenhoft is the President and CEO of Sanford Health, a large healthcare system based in South Dakota..
  • Sneve also wrote that on Friday, Sanford Health executive vice president Micah Aberson issued the following statement in response to what Krabbenhoft had written:.
  • Sanford Health position is the same as it has always been – consistently wearing masks, avoiding crowds and staying home if you’re sick are critical to preventing the spread of the virus..
  • So, in other words, the views of the CEO of the health system do reflect the views of the health system when it comes to an important healthcare-related matter?.
  • The CEO of a large healthcare system that includes 46 medical centers, 210 clinic locations, 208 senior living communities, and 158 skilled nursing and rehab facilities, based on the Sanford Health website, apparently does not want to wear a face covering while the Covid-19 coronavirus is surging throughout the U.S..
  • The ultimate head of the Health Plan that covers around 210,000 lives seems to be not following the guidelines put forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other public health experts..
  • This is why British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is currently under quarantine even though he already had a bout with Covid-19 in April that landed him in a hospital intensive care unity (ICU)….

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