Saskatchewan reports 439 new COVID-19 cases, breaking previous single-day record

Saskatchewan reports 439 new COVID-19 cases, breaking previous single-day record

Saskatchewan reported its highest single-day increase of COVID-19 on Saturday with 439 new cases, bringing the provincial caseload to 6,237.

The majority of the new cases are in Saskatoon, the province’s north and Regina.

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Below is a breakdown of where the new cases are located:

Far North West: 9 Far North East: 13 North West: 56 North Central: 43 North East: 11 Saskatoon: 170 Central West: 8 Central East: 13 Regina: 56 South West: 14 South Central: 18 South East: 19

The location of nine cases remains pending.

Saskatchewan has broken record after record almost daily throughout November for COVID-19 hospitalizations, including on Saturday.

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There are 93 people in the hospital, 21 of whom are in the ICU.

The Opposition and health-care workers have sounded the alarm on the health-care system becoming too stretched and have asked for a circuit-break lockdown, but the government has neglected to take such action.

On Thursday, the province’s most recent measures came into effect, including a province-wide mask mandate and a limit of indoor private gatherings to five people.

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At the time, Minister of Health Paul Merriman said the province’s measures would have to be tried out for a week or two before further restrictions are implemented on businesses, despite the modelling suggesting it could be too late by then.…

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