Scientists aim to stop spread of dengue with lab-grown mosquitoes


Sumary of Scientists aim to stop spread of dengue with lab-grown mosquitoes:

  • They still bite, but recent research shows lab-grown mosquitoes are fighting dangerous dengue fever that they would normally spread..
  • Advertising Read more Dengue infections appear to be dropping fast in communities in Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil, and Australia that are buzzing with specially bred mosquitoes, according to a report by an international research team..
  • Scientists infected the mosquitoes with a bacteria called Wolbachia, aiming to block their ability to transmit viruses..
  • The researchers say Wolbachia is a naturally occurring bacteria that is harmless to people and carried by 60 percent of insect species including fruit flies, dragon flies and moths..
  • The scientists specifically targeted Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, which are the primary carriers of dengue around the world..
  • Preliminary results suggest large declines in dengue and a related virus, chikungunya, in a few neighborhoods in Brazil, near Rio de Janeiro..
  • Over a 27-month period, researchers found that in areas where Wolbachia was introduced, dengue was present in only 2.3 percent of participants, compared to 9.4 percent in non-Wolbachia areas..
  • The studies have been led by an international collaboration of scientists in the World Mosquito Program, formerly known as Eliminate Dengue….

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