Scientists working on anti-Covid nasal spray


Sumary of Scientists working on anti-Covid nasal spray:

  • The idea was floated by the Prime Minister recently at a Downing Street press conference, generating much excitement..
  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently suggested at a Downing Street Covid-19 press conference that people testing positive for the disease could be given a pill to prevent them suffering major symptoms Prof Adam Finn, pictured, of the University of Bristol is hoping to run a clinical trial to assess the effectiveness of a nasal spray in reducing the severity of illness suffered by those infected by Covid-19 Now, leading scientists, speaking to this newspaper, say the Government should focus not on a pill but a Covid nasal spray..
  • And unlike Boris Johnson anti-Covid tablet, a spray to stop the virus even entering the body is already in the offing..
  • ‘But if there was something that could stop the virus from infecting people, you could almost instantly prevent it spreading.’ Another advantage of a Covid-preventing nasal spray is that it will be cheaper to produce than a tablet and have fewer side effects..
  • For severely unwell Covid patients who could end up in hospital, such a treatment would be useful if it reduced symptoms..
  • We think this could be ready by November.’ Other scientists have suggested that in the future, the Covid vaccine injection could be replaced with a vaccine nasal spray…

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