Serbia’s leader chooses Chinese-made vaccine for own shot


Sumary of Serbia’s leader chooses Chinese-made vaccine for own shot:

  • BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic finally rolled up his sleeve for a coronavirus vaccine Tuesday, seeking to encourage his country increasingly skeptical citizens to get the shots themselves..
  • A live TV broadcast showed Vucic, 51, taking a jab of the Chinese-developed Sinopharm vaccine in the remote eastern village of Rudna Glava..
  • The populist Serbian president, who rarely wears a protective mask during his frequent public appearances, had promised for months to get vaccinated but found different reasons to postpone the event..
  • The delay prompted speculation on social media that Vucic was afraid of injection needles, that he did not trust the vaccines or that he had been vaccinated secretly months ago..
  • The president critics said his apparent reluctance helped boost an increasingly strong anti-vaccination movement in Serbia, a traditionally conservative country..
  • Serbia has one of the highest COVID-19 inoculation rates in Europe, mainly thanks to the government large purchases of the Sinopharm vaccine..
  • Vucic has taken most of the credit for the successful vaccination campaign, which he linked to his “friendly”…

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