Severe COVID-19 Risk Factors for Younger Populations

severe covid 19 risk factors for younger populations

Sumary of Severe COVID-19 Risk Factors for Younger Populations:

  • A recent study conducted by investigators from the Mayo Clinic, in collaboration with the Rochester Epidemiology Project, has discovered what risk factors can lead to a more severe form of COVID-19 disease in younger populations and how they may differ from those in people of an older age group.
  • “Medical care is really fragmented in our country, so someone diagnosed with COVID-19 at one health care provider might end up at a totally different hospital for their severe case.
  • Additionally, it was observed that the younger age group had a greater than 3-fold increased risk for a severe COVID-19 infection if they had heart disease, blood, neurologic or endocrine disorders.
  • “The Rochester Epidemiology Project allows us to study diseases, such as COVID-19, in a defined population, which provides the ability to translate our results to all people with COVID-19, not just those with the most severe disease requiring medical care,” Celine Vachon, a senior author on the study said.

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