Singapore travel bubble on leaders’ agenda at G7 summit


Sumary of Singapore travel bubble on leaders’ agenda at G7 summit:

  • Setting the conditions for a travel bubble will be on the agenda for prime ministerial talks between Scott Morrison and Lee Hsien Loong in Singapore on Thursday..
  • Australia already has a COVID-safe travel agreement with New Zealand but a Singapore deal would deliver a major confidence boost for the tourism, education and corporate sectors..
  • News Corp Australia Both countries have rolled out a certificate system to verify who has been vaccinated for coronavirus, which could make a safe travel corridor easier to establish..
  • Australian officials are hopeful some progress can be made during the leader talks on setting out the preconditions for a travel bubble..
  • Singapore Airlines says the growing pace of vaccinations provides hope for a recovery in international air travel demand..
  • Airline regional vice president Louis Arul told AAP it was committed to working with all levels of government to reopen Australia borders..
  • AAP Singapore Airlines brought the first batch of Belgian-made Pfizer into Australia in February, the same month it became one of the first carriers to operate flights with a full complement of vaccinated pilots and cabin crew….

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