Six key things we don’t know about Australia’s Covid vaccine rollout despite promises of ‘ …


Sumary of Six key things we don’t know about Australia’s Covid vaccine rollout despite promises of ‘transparency’:

  • The federal government vaccine rollout has been beset by a lack of transparency and poor communication, causing concern for experts, doctors’ groups, patients, state governments and aged care providers..
  • The prime minister, Scott Morrison, on Tuesday committed to more transparency, saying there was no reason “figures can’t be done on a more regular basis”.
  • “It is a good idea for us to have more data transparency on these issues and that is what we will be discussing with the premiers and chief ministers on Friday,”.
  • The acting chief medical officer, Prof Michael Kidd, was unable to answer the question on Monday during a press conference..
  • They say the federal government has given insufficient data to them about how many doses they are getting – or how many vaccines have been administered in various regions..
  • The New South Wales health minister, Brad Hazzard, has previously complained of not even knowing which aged care facilities in his state had received the jab..
  • It will say, for example, how many aged and disability care residents in total have received the vaccination, but not how many aged care staff, or how many disability care residents specifically..
  • This is despite previous statements that the Australian government was developing detailed and sophisticated tracking systems for the vaccine rollout..
  • The number of doses currently available in Australia We currently only know the total number of vaccinations that have been administered..
  • We do not know how many doses are in Australia possession, either by virtue of imports or local manufacturing, though the health department secretary, Prof Brendan Murphy, told the ABC on Tuesday that Australia was receiving about 100,000 Pfizer vaccines per week..
  • The Australian Medical Association has previously called for the commonwealth to be transparent and provide data on how many vaccines have been supplied, compared to how many have been administered..
  • The extent of wastage in the vaccine rollout We currently have no data on the wastage of vaccines, either before or after the vial is opened….

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