South Australian officials say coronavirus lockdown no ‘stuff-up’ after pizza worker’s …

South Australian officials say coronavirus lockdown no 'stuff-up' after pizza worker’s lie

Health authorities have defended their decision to put 1.6 million South Australians under stay at home orders after a key piece of information proved false, saying they would not have got a second chance to contain a potential outbreak.

Lockdown orders are set to ease at midnight on Saturday, three days earlier than originally planned, after a person who initially said they had contracted the virus while picking up a pizza at an Adelaide pizza bar later admitted to working in the kitchen.

The 36-year-old man is on a temporary student visa, which expires next month. A taskforce of 20 police detectives are investigating the false report.

“Whether [the public] choose to see it as a stuff-up is their prerogative but I remain firm that the decision we took to go into a lockdown was the right decision based on the information we were provided,” the state’s police commissioner, Grant Stevens, told reporters in Adelaide. “I am hopeful that we don’t need to go anywhere near this sort of scenario again but if we are confronted with a set of circumstances that require these decisions we will reassess them and make the right decisions in the best interests of the wider community.”

Asked if he thought the police response might discourage people from being honest in contact tracing interviews, Steven said they were confidential and information would not be referred to police.…

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