Spanish regions considering wider use of Covid passports amid infection surge

spanish regions considering wider use of covid passports amid infection surge

Sumary of Spanish regions considering wider use of Covid passports amid infection surge:

  • Amid concerns about the current rise of Covid-19 infections in Spain, some of the regional governments are asking courts to authorise the introduction of virus passports in order to help control the pandemic’s spread.
  • The governments of the Basque Country, Valencia, Navarra and Catalonia say they are ready to be the first regions of Spain to introduce Covid-19 passports for people to enter nightclubs, bars, restaurants and some public events.
  • A Covid-19 passport could show that a person has been fully vaccinated against the virus, whether they have had the virus in the last six months, or whether they have tested negative for Coronavirus via a PCR or antigen test in the past 72 or 48 hours respectively.
  • In Galicia, a Covid pass is already required in order to enter nightclub venues, but the region is also considering asking the court to authorise its use in more situations.
  • In Catalonia, a Covid certificate demonstrating proof of vaccination, having had the virus, or a recent negative test, is also currently required to enter nightclubs or to attend events in hotels and restaurants with indoor dance floors – but the Catalan authorities have also been considering extending the measure.
  • If approved, the measure will apply to people aged 12 and over who want to enter nightlife establishments featuring music or dancing, or even restaurants with more than 50 customers.
  • The regional government in Navarra is also considering whether to request court authorisation to introduce a Covid passport and this week it is holding meetings with sectors that would be affected by the measure.

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