Speaker says MPs should get binding vote on cuts to aid budget – as it happened


Sumary of Speaker says MPs should get binding vote on cuts to aid budget – as it happened:

  • Sir Lindsay Hoyle, the Commons Speaker, has said he wants to see MPs given a binding vote on the government controversial decision to cut the aid budget..
  • In a welcome move for the government, he refused to allow a vote on the topic tonight that would have been binding – because it would have changed legislation..
  • We have not seen the wording of the motion yet, and even if it calls for the cuts to be reversed, the government could lose the vote but still ignore it – which is what it does when it loses votes on opposition day motions..
  • Norway to shorten vaccine interval Nigel Evans, the deputy speaker, says the Speaker is satisfied that this is a suitable topic for debate..
  • He says parliament has not had its say on the government decision to abandon the target of spending 0.7% of national income on aid..
  • After Sir Lindsay Hoyle, the Commons Speaker, made his statement about the aid spending amendment (see 4.06pm), Andrew Mitchell used a point of order to ask what MPs could do now to reverse the cuts..
  • Hoyle told Mitchell that he had already raised the possibility of an emergency debate under standing order 24 (S024) on this tomorrow..
  • The variant, also known as B.1.617.2, was first identified in India but is now driving a rise in Covid cases in parts of the UK….

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