Spinal fungal infection in Covid-recovered patients: Know about the rare condition

spinal fungal infection in covid recovered patients know about the rare condition

Sumary of Spinal fungal infection in Covid-recovered patients: Know about the rare condition:

  • “Although spinal infections by fungus is a very rare occurrence;
  • there are recent reports of such cases both in the country and abroad,” he added, What is fungal spinal infection?
  • Many pathogens like bacteria, mycobacterium sp (tuberculous bacteria) and very rarely fungi affect the spinal disc and bone leading to infective spondylodiscitis and vertebral osteomyelitis.
  • These infections, if not treated early and effectively, can lead to disastrous and permanent neurological problems and spinal deformities.
  • Fungal spinal infections are very rare with incidence less than 10 in a million (10 in 10,00,000), often presenting with non-specific signs and symptoms.
  • These infections are difficult to diagnose being commonly misdiagnosed and treated empirically as spinal tuberculosis which can have grave, life threatening consequences, said Dr Bamb.
  • However, with the current practice of biopsy and microbiological study of every suspected spinal infection, accurate diagnosis and early treatment is often effectively started.
  • *Nonspecific symptoms- Low back pain and spasms, back pain on movements, resting pain, early fatigability, fever, weight loss etc*Para spinal region swellings, spinal tenderness/ warmth, neurological issues.

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