Standard PCR tests do not pick up new Covid strains, warns expert

standard pcr tests do not pick up new covid strains warns expert

Sumary of Standard PCR tests do not pick up new Covid strains, warns expert:

  • Some new strains of Covid-19 are not being picked up by standard PCR tests, reveals leading testing expert Dr Quinton Fivelman.
  • However, one of the UK’s leading experts in Covid-19 testing, Dr Quinton Fivelman PhD, claims some strains of the virus have now evolved in a way that evades detection by many standard PCR tests.
  • Dr Fivelman, the Chief Scientific Officer at London Medical Laboratory, says: ‘Scientists have noted some variants of the Covid-19 virus are not being detected by the traditional PCR test, which is considered superior to the quicker and less sensitive lateral flow test.
  • ‘London Medical Laboratory is calling on all testing facilities to adopt tests targeting at least two genes immediately, to ensure the UK can continue to treat patients effectively and retain an accurate picture of the number of cases there are in the community.

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