Starmer urges Johnson to hold cross-party talks after Belfast rioting hits ‘scale not seen in rece …


Sumary of Starmer urges Johnson to hold cross-party talks after Belfast rioting hits ‘scale not seen in recent years’ – live:

  • The sister of a man who died from a rare blood clot on the brain after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine has urged the public to “keep saving lives”.
  • Sister of man who died after AstraZeneca jab urges public to have vaccine Chung Hoon arranging books in the rear book stacks at the London Library, in St James Square, London, ahead of its planned reopening to members on Monday next week as coronavirus restrictions ease..
  • Yeshiel Panchia/EPA Brandon Lewis, the Northern Ireland secretary, has said that he is aware of the “ongoing concerns”.
  • is taking the Astra Zeneca vaccine if she is offered it a week today when she is booked to receive her Covid jag..
  • If you get the AstraZeneca vaccine today, it will be one of the least risky things you do in the day, because the risk is probably lower than crossing the road..
  • Given the risks, particularly the older you get, of Covid, the benefits of being vaccinated with AstraZeneca or any vaccine vastly outweigh any minimal risk that might arise from it..
  • The question for governments is to what extent we encourage or mandate vaccine certification in different circumstances..
  • And also, to what extent we may do that for things like international travel versus access to or use of services domestically..
  • “Right now the vaccines are not authorised for use amongst the younger population, so where does that leave younger people?”.
  • Andrew Milligan/AFP/Getty Images The Police Service of Northern Ireland held a news conference a bit earlier to provide an update on last night rioting….

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