State officials from California to Maine are already giving out Covid boosters to all adults

state officials from california to maine are already giving out covid boosters to all adults

Sumary of State officials from California to Maine are already giving out Covid boosters to all adults:

  • Safeway pharmacist Shahrzad Khoobyari (R) administers a Pfizer COVID-19 booster vaccination into the arm of Chen Knifsend at a vaccination booster shot clinic on October 01, 2021 in San Rafael, California.
  • Justin Sullivan | Getty ImagesState officials from California to Maine are telling or allowing their adult residents to get a Covid-19 vaccine booster, bucking guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to reserve the shots for the elderly and other high-risk groups.
  • Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, New Mexico, Vermont and West Virginia are promoting the widespread rollout of boosters for any fully vaccinated adult.
  • New York and Rhode Island are asking adults in elevated-exposure areas to get boosted, while New Jersey and Minnesota are planning to expand eligibility in the days ahead.
  • California’s also asking medical providers not to turn away any adults who request a booster.
  • That includes those 65 and older, adults with medical conditions known for causing Covid complications, anyone 18 and older working or living in congregate settings and all adult front-line employees experiencing workplace exposure.
  • Arkansas Department of Health spokeswoman Danyelle McNeill told CNBC in an email Tuesday that “the great majority of adults in Arkansas” were already considered high risk by the CDC before Hutchinson issued his recommendation.
  • Jim Justice called Monday for all adults in-state to get their boosters, adding that fully vaccinated residents would be “very foolish” not to register for a supplemental shot.

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