Stocks rise amid investors’ tug of war between hope, fear

stocks rise amid investors tug of war between hope fear scaled

Sumary of Stocks rise amid investors’ tug of war between hope, fear:

  • Wall Street capped a day of choppy trading with modest gains for stocks Thursday, as the market tug of war continues between worries about the worsening pandemic in the present and optimism that a vaccine will rescue the economy in the future..
  • Companies that rely on consumer spending and communications stocks also helped lift the market, outweighing losses in the utilities and health care sectors..
  • Wall Street huge November rally has slowed this week as fears about the economy buckling in the near term collide with hopes that stronger growth will arrive next year once effective coronavirus vaccines become available..
  • New York City announcement that it halting in-person learning at public schools helped send stocks on their late-day slide Wednesday..
  • Democrats and Republicans in Washington, meanwhile, are still stymied in their attempts to deliver another dose of financial support to workers and businesses….

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