Study measures the impact of stigma and discrimination on positive COVID-19 diagnosis

Sumary of Study measures the impact of stigma and discrimination on positive COVID-19 diagnosis:

  • Stigma and discrimination linked to a positive COVID-19 diagnosis are the subjects of research being conducted by a multidisciplinary University of Queensland team.
  • Health justice specialist Dr Claire Brolan of UQ’s School of Public Health and the Centre for Policy Futures will lead the topical investigation, which has close-to-home relevance for the university community.
  • “Given there was a recent COVID hotspot in the suburbs surrounding UQ, there’s a strong chance some of our staff or students will be able to offer first-hand accounts,” Dr Brolan said.
  • Related Stories”How did their experiences impact on their ability to access timely health services and support?
  • ” All research findings will be stored on an anonymous basis and collated into a policy brief for the Queensland Human Rights Commission and Queensland Health.
  • Research data will also form the basis of a scientific journal paper.
  • The research team has spent months working to stringent UQ research ethical guidelines in order to have the project approved.

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