Sturgeon says ‘vaccine passports’ worth considering if they can ‘give us greater n …


Nicola Sturgeon has said “vaccine passports” would be worth considering if they could help people to get “some greater normality back”. But she also said she would like to see a “broad consensus” behind any plan to introduce them. (See 3.14pm.) Earlier Boris Johnson expressed concern that “vaccine passports” could be discriminatory”. He said Michael Gove, the Cabinet Office minister, will lead the review to consider policy on this. (See 1.11pm.) The review is described as genuinely open, but it is understood that that ministers are not keen on a system where entry to a venue might depend entirely on whether or not someone has been vaccinated. Instead there is more interest in using test results too – so that entry might depend on either having been vaccinated, or having tested negative.

Labour has been accused of an anti-left “stitch-up” after it reopened the contest to find a mayoral candidate for Liverpool, sidelining the three women who were in the running. (See 4.53pm.)

Boris Johnson has warned world leaders that failure to address the issue of climate change will undermine global security.As PA Media reports, chairing a virtual meeting of the United Nations security council (UNSC), the prime minister said climate change was a “geopolitical issue every bit as much as it is an environmental one”…

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