Taliban flag flies high on 9/11 anniversary

taliban flag flies high on 9 11 anniversary

Sumary of Taliban flag flies high on 9/11 anniversary:

  • The white banner, emblazoned with a Quranic verse, was hoisted by Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund, the prime minister of the Taliban interim government, in a low-key ceremony, said Ahmadullah Muttaqi, multimedia branch chief of the Taliban’s cultural commission.
  • In a tweet, Afghanistan’s first president to follow the 2001 collapse of the Taliban, Hamid Karzai, called for “peace and stability” and expressed the hope that the new caretaker Cabinet that included no women and no non-Taliban would become an “inclusive government that can be the real face of the whole Afghanistan.
  • This time, the gun-toting fighters don’t race through the city streets in their pickups.
  • Now, Taliban fighters get the latest haircuts even if their beards remain untouched in line with their religious beliefs.
  • But the Taliban have begun issuing harsh edits that have hit women hardest such as banning women’s sports.
  • They have also used violence to stop women demanding equal rights from protesting.
  • Inside a high-end women’s store in the city’s Karte Se neighborhood on Saturday, Marzia Hamidi, a taekwondo competitor with ambitions of being a national champion, said the return of the Taliban has crushed her dreams.
  • She was among the women attacked by the Taliban and called “agents of the West” during one of the recent protests.

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