The Aussies who could prolong pandemic

the aussies who could prolong pandemic

Sumary of The Aussies who could prolong pandemic:

  • At least 6 per cent of Australians could prevent the country from ending the coronavirus pandemic, with a new study revealing how many people “definitely won’t”.
  • media_cameraPrime Minister Scott Morrison with Professor Trent Munro during a tour of the University of Queensland Vaccine Lab in Brisbane..
  • AAP Image/Darren England via NCA NewsWire In August, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said at least 95 per cent of Australians would need to take up the vaccine to effectively end the pandemic, suggesting those who do not take up the vaccine could hinder the country efforts in eliminating the virus..
  • The Australian National University surveyed 3000 adult Australians, revealing the demographics of those least likely to want the vaccine..
  • media_cameraWhile almost 60 per cent of Australians ‘definitely would’ get the COVID-19 vaccine, more than 30 per cent were hesitant and 6 per cent would not….

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