The benefits of boosters? An infectious disease expert explores

the benefits of boosters an infectious disease expert explores

Sumary of The benefits of boosters? An infectious disease expert explores:

  • Duke infectious disease specialist Dr. Cameron Wolfe looks at COVID-19 vaccine boosters.
  • A third, booster dose of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines has been approved for some immune-compromised people and appears likely to be available later this year for a broader general American population.
  • Duke infectious disease specialist Dr. Cameron Wolfe discussed the booster – who should get it, who should wait, and what variables you should weigh when considering it – in a virtual briefing for journalists Wednesday (1 September).
  • We are deliberately putting those individuals ahead of the rest of the general population.
  • So when we talk about boosting for individuals in the general community, I want to be very clear that to me, that is far less important than still reaching those individuals who are not yet vaccinated at all.
  • ” “People who were vaccinated the earliest in the United States were health care workers … and nursing home residents – the most frail and elderly populations.
  • I’m going to be supportive … that this moves forward because I think those individuals in particular – if there’s going to be a larger load to bear for people getting infected and having breakthroughs, it’s going to be front and center with health care workers and older adults first.
  • ” “We need to see much more data to see what the benefits of boosting is to the overarching general population who are lower risk.

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